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War Memorial Flowers

The Memorial Day Foundation is dedicated to never forgetting those Americans who died serving their country in defense of freedom and liberty and their families who loved them and whom they loved.

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Visit our online store to purchase flowers, pins, shirts, buttons, patches, prayer cards, or simply make a donation.

Memeorial Day history

Learn more about the history of our organization. Or better understand what we do and why we do it.

War Memorial Information

Get more information on war memorials throughout the US.

War Memorial Organizations

There are many ways to honor our war heroes. Find out more about some other organizations.

Free Memorial Day Window Flag Decal

Memorial Day Window Flag Poster

The Memorial Day Foundation is giving away a free 5" x 8" Memorial Day Window Flag Decal to the first 300 people who email us their name and address by clicking here. One decal per address. This Flag symbolizes the patriotic ideals of Memorial Day.

The rifle with fixed bayonet pointing downward into the ground symbolizes a soldier who went down fighting, sacrificing their life for our country. The boots represent the final march of the last battle. The helmet and dog tags signify the fallen soldier. Collectively these form what is known as The Battlefield Cross: a symbol of a soldier who has perished on the battlefield. The flag as a backdrop symbolizes the Patriotism of our fallen heroes.

Map of the foreign burial of American War Dead

Map of the foreign burial of American War Dead

Normandy, Flanders Field and other overseas cemeteries of the American Battle Monument Commission (ABMC) are well known. However, lesser-known burial sites of American war dead exist all over the world--in Australia and across the Pacific Rim, in Canada and Mexico, Libya and Spain, most of Europe and as far north as the Russian Arctic. This is an interactive map of American soldiers buried abroad since the American Revolution. The map was created by Chris Dickon author of “The Foreign burial of American War Dead” available at www.mcfarlandpub.com. This map is to know of them and for us to remember them on Memorial Day no matter where they are buried.

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Memorial Day Window Flag Poster

Memorial Day Window Flag Poster

This exceptionally high quality 12” x 18” Memorial Day Window Flag Poster comes ready to hang in your window or front door with its own suction cup. The Poster is a $15.00 donation which includes shipping. Please order as early as possible so you can display it for the entire month of May. The latest you can order and receive shipment is May 15th, 2015. Click here to order your poster.

Your donations will help us fulfill our mission of increasing awareness and respect for Memorial Day through public displays of remembrance. It is our primary goal to facilitate the placement of posters in the windows of every American home for the month of May. Please help us to continue our mission.

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The Foundation receives no compensation for recommending these books. We do so because they contribute to the Foundation’s mission to promote, preserve and honor our war memorials.

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