Mission Statement

The Memorial Day Foundation: Honor Through Remembrance

The Memorial Day Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt not-for-profit organization; donations are tax deductible. The Foundation relies solely on volunteers, donors and gratuitous services.

Mission Statement: Increase and restore patriotic awareness and respect for Memorial Day by maintaining a tradition of public honor and remembrance.

Vision Statement:
To continually involve the public in patriotism and remembrance via historical and traditional ways of observing Memorial Day. One such way is with flowers. The gift of flowers at a memorial site is a ritual practiced worldwide in every culture. As you probably know our own Memorial Day began as Decoration Day, when on May 30th Americans would decorate the graves of Civil War Veterans with flowers.

About the flowers: A beautiful and dignified "Thank You" floral bouquet of artificial silk flowers that have the realistic look of fresh flowers with the durability of silk flowers. The floral sleeve is appropriately flag draped in red, white and blue with a specially designed label evoking past Memorial Days. It pays tribute to those who fought and died for us; explains the origins of Memorial Day and includes a moving poem in their honor. To view the label click on it in the above bouquet.

We will be using stems of artificial red roses as pictured in the bouquet. The tradition of red flowers is a symbol of the blood that was shed for our freedom and liberty; dates back to the Civil War. Red roses are also the universal symbol of love.

The Foundation will make every effort to use artificial red roses but reserves the right to choose any other artificial red flower or patriotic colored flowers that would be available if there is an unforeseen production problem with red roses.

Card: Each bouquet will have a thank you card attached to it (hence the name “Thank You Bouquet”) that the donor has the option to sign. Click on the thank you card in the top right corner of the above bouquet to read the text. The thank you card can be signed by individuals, couples, families, corporations, institutions, organizations and civic associations. If you or a relative (living) have served in the military and were honorably discharged type “With honor” then your name or relative’s name, rank, branch of service, unit or ship and the war you served in if applicable. If a relative, friend or loved one served in a war and is deceased type “Resting in peace” their name, rank, branch of service, unit or ship and the war they served in. If a relative, friend or loved one made the ultimate sacrifice for our country type “In loving memory of” then their name, rank, branch of service, unit or ship, war and the date KIA (if known). Thank you cards indicating a war service will be placed at the appropriate memorial. All others will be distributed equally to the National War Memorials on the Mall. It’s important to remember that Memorial Day belongs to everyone. If you prefer to send a bouquet without a signature, please type “leave blank” in the “Card message field” on our order form.

Bouquets will be delivered to the National War Memorials on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend so that they will be in place for Memorial Day.

A portion of every donation will be given to the Wounded Warrior Project this year in the long held tradition of honoring our dead and helping our wounded. The donation amount is deliberately low to encourage the greatest participation by the American public.