How Our Funds are Distributed

The mission of The Memorial Day Foundation is to increase awareness and respect for Memorial Day through a public display of remembrance. A traditional display of remembrance has always been about the display of flowers. Our Memorial Day Floral Wreath fulfills this notion of a public display of remembrance. The Foundation solicits a monetary donation per wreath. The wreaths are placed at New York City major war memorial on Memorial Day. A second Foundation program is to remember those Americans buried in overseas cemeteries. This year the Foundation raised enough money to send 20 large floral wreaths to 20 American Overseas Cemeteries. As of this moment we have been told that we are the only American organization that does so for Memorial Day. As a not for profit organization our net proceeds from donations continued to be used to promote the true meaning of Memorial Day. Proceeds from this year’s donations will be used to promote our new Patriotic Memorial Day Window Flag next year. We hope that this window flag will be placed in homes throughout the nation to support the importance of Memorial Day and to honor America’s Fallen Heroes. Please look to our web site in the coming weeks to see images of the Patriotic Memorial Day Window Flag and how you can obtain one to put on your window or door for the month of May.

The Memorial Day Foundation had total income from Memorial Day 2018 fund raising of $28,595.40. In the same period the Foundation had expenses of $34,965.52. The difference was a negative ($6,370.12). We would like to thank all those who made donations to help us increase awareness and respect for Memorial Day.