How Our Funds are Distributed

The mission of The Memorial Day Foundation is to increase awareness and respect for Memorial Day through a public display of remembrance. A traditional display of remembrance has always been a bouquet of flowers. Our Memorial Day Flower Bouquet fulfills this notion of a public display of remembrance. The Foundation solicits a monetary donation per bouquet. The bouquets are placed at the National War Memorials in Washington D.C. on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. A second traditional public display of remembrance has been buttons and pins. Our Memorial Day Buttons and Pins honor those Americans who lost their lives for our freedom and liberty. The buttons are very reminiscent of the earlier traditions of Memorial Day, back when people’s public consciousness had a fuller awareness of what the day meant. As a not for profit organization our net proceeds from donations for the flowers, buttons and pins beyond what we need to continue our mission are donated to help our wounded soldiers of the present conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Amounts distributed will be posted in this section after all distributions are made.

Amount distributed for 2015

The Memorial Day Foundation had total income of $37,595.74 for the 2015 Memorial Day fund raiser. In the same period the Foundation had expenses of $26,562.40 and debt of $23,786.33 (debt is due to high operating expenses). The difference was a negative ($12,752.99). Distributions, if any, will be made at the end of the year.